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Real Time Satellite Tracking System recommended for Cars, Trucks, Air & Sea Vehicles

IRCTrack Installation


The IRCTrack® is a communication system combining several data and voice technologies in a single unit that utilizes satellite equipment to transfer information from the vehicle to the IRC control center. Inside the instrument is a GPS module, an Inclinometer, a G-Force Meter, an Iridium Satellite Voice/Data Modem and a microcomputer.

The IRCTrack® System monitors your vehicle location and speed automatically, sending an alert to the Control Center if the vehicle stops, takes a big hit or experiences an inclination . The onboard computer records information every 5 seconds and sends your information to the IRC Control Center every 120 seconds via the Iridium Satellite Data Modem. You don't have to do anything to make it happen. Just hook it up to the vehicle battery and IRCTrack® does the rest.

Additionally, the IRCTrack® System allows the driver/passenger of the vehicle to send manually two different types of alerts to IRC Control. Pushing the Green Button once will immediately inform Control Center that at the GPS point at which the button was pressed exists another competitor experiencing an emergency or that there is a possible course hazard at that GPS point. Alternatively, push the Red Button and notify IRC Control that you require Emergency Assistance immediately.

A unique feature of the IRCTrack® System is the ability to use the modem for voice communication between the driver/passenger of the vehicle and the IRC Control Center via a built in microphone and speaker. Push the blue button to start a phone call to the Control Center, or alternatively receive a phone call from the IRC Control Center without having to press a button. When you hear IRC Control speaking to you, just answer and the microphone will pick up your voice. All phone calls between vehicle and IRC Control Center are included in the cost of the Standard Rental and Deluxe Rental Package.

The IRCTrack® System makes a satellite data transfer every two minutes via the Iridium Satellite voice/Data Modem. So, every hour it makes 30 data transfers over the modem. If your race goes on for six hours, IRCTrack will make 180 satellite data transfers from your car or truck to the IRC Control Center. All of these transfers are included in the cost of the Standard Rental and Deluxe Rental Package.

The IRCTrack® Real Time Satellite Tracking system also utilizes the Live Internet Tracking features at no extra charge.

IRCTrack Rules, Regulations and Terms and Conditions


IRCTrack Unit - Standard Rental (Per Event)

The IRCTrack® Real Time Satellite Tracking System Rental Package consists of the IRCTrack Race Unit featuring:

  • GPS Tracking and Live Web Tracking on all IRC software and web sites from anywhere
  • Automatic Emergency Stop, Inclination and Impact Alerts
  • Emergency Two Way Voice Contact

Installation Pack Kit*

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One Time Purchase. One Installation Pack Kit required for each vehicle carrying an IRCTrack.

The Kit includes the following:

  • IRCTrack Bracket
  • Power Cable + extension power cable + connector and fuse
  • GPS Antenna + cable
  • Iridium Antenna + cable




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IRCTRACK UNIT - Standard Rental     $275.00
BRACKET     $75.00
POWER CABLE     $50.00
GPS ANTENNA     $100.00
COMPLETE INSTALLATION PACK KIT* - One time purchase     $375.00
IRCTRACK-SALES - Discount Sale Price

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