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Products SAT-TRAK

SAT-TRAK is a total mobile tracking solution that allows for tracking of vehicles with the use of a Sat Phone and a Laptop

SAT-TRAK is a highly sophisticated product that is easy to use, and was developed by TekNet for use with all the IRC Tracking devices



  • Iridium 9505A or 9555 Satellite Phone
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 Laptop
  • Iridium satellite data kit including:
    • Data Adapter - attaches to a 9505a Portable Phone and provides a
          • connection for a serial cable.
    • Serial Cable - connects the Data Adapter to a computer serial port.
    • Serial to USB Adapter - for laptops that don't have a DB9 serial port.
    • Mini USB Cable & Software only, for Iridium 9555 Sat Phone.

SAT-TRAK is our custom mobile tracking solution that allows an operator to track vehicles that use the IriTrack and E-Track Real Time Satellite Tracking System.

With our custom tracking software, a laptop and the use of an Iridium phone, the user can track his own preselected group of vehicles for any particular race event.

The use of just a laptop and a phone makes for a real portable tracking solution, that can be used anywhere.

The SAT-TRAK software will monitor any number of units, and will immediately reveal their location and speed.

Refresh rates for data updates can be as often as every 60 seconds for almost real time tracking.

Installation software and instructions are now available under Step 6 at the bottom of this page.

Race and map configuration updates will also be available for download before every race.

Software installation can be done by individuals with sufficient computer knowledge, but technical support is available for those who need it.



Setup Instructions


You will need an XP, Vista or Windows 7 Laptop Computer. If you have one of these Laptops, then you are good to go. With the special setup instructions, the installation is very smooth.


You will need an Iridium 9505A or the newer 9555 Satellite Phone with air time minutes. If you own one, you’re all set. 
If not, you need to buy one or rent one from our Iridium partner.


For the Iridium 9505A Sat Phone, you will need the specialized SAT-TRAK - Iridium Data Adapter. This adapter connects to the 9505A Iridium phone, and is the interface between your laptop and the sat phone. The newer 9555 sat phone uses a more common mini USB cable as the interface. Both interfaces are specially configured to send & receive data from the Sat Phone to your Laptop USB and Serial ports.


You will need the SAT-TRAK Installation Software & the Current Map and Vehicle Updates


You will also need to tell us who you would like to track as well as what class you’d like to track. This is done on the order form.

The Details

The Laptop

The Sat-Trak software is designed for PC operating systems. Wether you have Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, the software can be installed on any of these operating systems. The setup instructions are a bit lengthy, but quite detailed. With a little persistance and patience, and just following the instructions, most people can get through the install. For those that get stuck, tech support is available.

The SatPhone

The Iridium 9505A and 9555 Satellite Phones are the standard for connecting to our data server and retrieving the GPS satellite tracking data for use in our map tracking program installed in your laptop. This Sat Phone is also a modem that can establish data communications anywhere in the world. This Sat Phone is not too much different in function than your average cell phone, except that this Sat Phone can make calls anywhere on planet earth, because there is always a satellite overhead in line of sight.

The DataKit
for the 9505A

The 9505A Iridium Sat Phone requires the use of a Data Kit. The heart of the Data Kit is the Iridium block connector that connects at the bottom of the Iridium Sat Phone. This block connector has a nine pin (DB9) female serial plug to connect a serial cable to. Since most newer laptops have replaced their serial ports with USB ports, we include a special USB to serial adapter in the Data Kit. This adapter is one of the few that has been tested to work with the Iridium Sat Phone. So this Data Kit includes the Iridium block connector on the Sat Phone end, a Serial Cable in the middle, and the special USB to Serial Adapter on the laptop end. Plug the block connector onto the bottom of the Sat Phone, and plug the USB to Serial Adapter into you USB port on your Laptop, and you're good to go.

The Mini USB Cable
for the 9555

The Iridium 9555 Sat-Phone does not use a Data Kit. Instead it uses a convenient Mini USB Cable. This is such an improvement and is way more simpler than the old style Data Kit.

The Antenna

The telescoping antenna that comes with the Iridium phone is not the most ideal for reception. A better recomendation is the external 'hockey puck' style antenna. If you are in a vehicle, this antenna is magnetically attached to the roof of your vehicle and offers superior reception for your Satellite Phone.

The Software

The software installation is done in four parts. First the install file is copied to your computer. When this file is unzipped and run, it installs various files and folders in various places on your computer. You will see a new program group on your desktop and there will be a number of SAT-TRAK folders created in the program files directory. The install instructions will direct you to install and configure step by step, the various components that make up the SAT-TRAK. These will include the USB port, the Iridium Modem, a Signal Strength Meter, the Desktop Icons, the Map Tracking Program, and finally the Map Updates and Entry Lists. Your laptop will be programmed with unique software that will retrieve your special GPS data specifically for the race vehicle and class of vehicles you want to track.

The Updates

Once you install the software, you do not have to do it again, except for the updates for each race. A new map and race course obviously needs to be downloaded to your laptop, as well as a new entry list of the competitors and vehicles you would like to track. You tell us this information on the order form, for each race. It is recommended to keep the list under 25 competitors for faster download times. You are allowed to track your driver and his or her class. If the class is larger than 25 vehicles - No Problem. We’ll give you all the entries in that class. But just remember that the download time will be longer - maybe a minute or two. We did the Baja1000 with 200 vehicles. The download took about three minutes, but it worked like a charm, every time!

Ordering Procedure

Step 1

Sat Phone - If you do not have an Iridium 9505A or 9555 Satellite Phone, then you need to decide if you are going to purchase one or rent one. The purchase price is about $1400 for the 9555, and about $1200 for the 9505A. The rental price is about $100 and $75 per week respectively. With the rental phone, your minutes used will be deducted from a prepaid card purchased beforehand.
(Use the Iridium Order Form in Step 4)

Step 2

Air Time Minutes - Next, you have to decide if you want Post-Paid or Pre-Paid Minutes. With Post-Paid Minutes, you pay later. This can be setup with either a rental phone, or a purchased phone. Either way, we will set you up with our low price Iridium partner for exceptional Post-Paid pricing.

With Pre-Paid Minutes, you pay as you go. Pre-Paid Sim cards can be bought with 75, 150, 200, 500, 1000 or 3000 minutes. The price per minute ranges from $1.65, $1.61, $1.85, $1.14, $1.13, & $1.00 respectively. We recommend just buying a 500 or 300 minute Sim card, if you can afford it. The minutes on this card are good for a year, so any leftover minutes can be used for future races. Even with Pre-Paid, we will set you up with our low price Iridium partner for exceptional Pre-Paid pricing.
(Use the Iridium Order Form in Step 4)

Step 3

Data Kit - for the 9505A - If you rent or purchase the Data Kit from our Iridium partner, you will still need the USB to Serial Cable. Their Data Kit includes the Data Adapter, and a Software CD that you don't need. You only need the Data Adapter

If you do not have an Iridium Data Kit, then you need to decide if you are going to purchase one or rent one. The purchase price is $175. The rental price is $5 per week. Again, both the purchased or rental Data Kit can be obtained through our Iridium partner at a great low price.

We do carry a limited inventory of the complete Data Kit with the USB to Serial Adapter. Let us know early if you want to purchase from us so we can get you set up in time for the race.
(Use the Iridium Order Form in Step 4)

Step 4

Iridium Information Flyer & Order Form
Click here to download the Iridium Info Flyer.
Click here to download the Iridium Order Form for Steps 1, 2, & 3.

Step 5

USB to Serial Cable - If you do not have this special cable, then you need to buy one from IRC. This is not a rental item. The price is $60. (Use the IRC Order Form in Step 7)

Step 6

SAT-TRAK Installation Software & the Current Map Updates - First time users need to download the installation software and install it. Those that already have it can skip this step. But all users need to get Current Map Updates, as well as let us know on the order form, who they want to track and what class. (Use the IRC Order Form in Step 7) Installation Software Download Sat-Trak_v4.3

Step 7

SAT-TRAK Order Form ----- Click here to download the SAT-TRAK Order Form for Steps 5, & 6.



Type the number of items you wish to buy and click on the Add to Cart button.

SAT-TRAK Event Service Server Programming Including Map & Vehicle Updates: $400.00

For More Information Please Call

Aaron at TekNet @ 714-610-8150

To Order Your SAT-TRAK
Click the Link Below
SAT-TRAK Order form (PDF)
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