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Products MILE-TRAK

MILE-TRAK is a texting service for your iPhone, Android, Smartphone or any other cell phone you might have.  Position and tacking information is sent directly to your mobile device

MILE-TRAK is a highly sophisticated product that is easy to use, and was developed by TekNet for use with all the IRC Tracking devices

Mile-Trak is the product you've all been waiting for. It's time to turn that Smartphone you have into to a really "Super Smart Phone".

Never before has getting the stats on your race vehicle during a race, been so easy.

Now with the Power of Information in the Palm of your Hand, You'll be the Winner, as well as the Vehicle you're Tracking.

Information Sent to your mobile device will Include :

  • Name of the Event 
  • Driver & Race # 
  • TimeStamp
  • Current Mile Marker Location
  • Current LAP for Lap Races
  • Speed of the Race Vehicle
  • Average Speed of the Race Vehicle
  • Rank Position by Class
  • Rank Position - Overall
  • Rank-Mile  -  Rank is calculated about 12 times in a race
  • Update Rates = 8 or 15 Minute Intervals


  • 1. The TimeStamp is the time when the GPS data is transmitted from the race vehicle, up to satellite to our servers. It takes about 30 seconds for the data to reach our servers.
  • 2. The Current Mile Marker Location is the Mile Marker that the race vehicle is closest to at the time of the GPS data transmission. The race vehicle can be up to a half mile ahead of, or behind the Current Mile Marker.
  • 3. The Speed of the race vehicle should be used to calculate the time delay in the transmission of data. Allow about one to three minutes delay in the data reception, overall.
  • 4. The Average Speed of the race vehicle is calculated every 5 minutes. The average speed is calculated from the start of the race to the Finish.
  • 5. The Rank Position by Class is calculated by subtracting the Starting Time from the Current Time to give the Elapsed Time. The Elapsed Time is compared to others in your class to give you Rank-Class.
  • 6. The Rank Position Overall is calculated the same way except your elapsed time is compared to all the vehicles to give you Rank-Overall.
  • 7. The Rank-Mile is where we calculate your Rank Positions. There are about ten Rank Miles in every race, plus the Start and the Finish, for at total of 12.
  • 8. The Update Rates are decided by you the user at the time of ordering. Not everyone wants their phone going off every 8 minutes. So we offer a 15 minute interval option. You Must Decide this, at the Time of Ordering.
  • 9. The Update Rate interval choice is either 8 minutes or 15 minutes. In a ten hour race at 8 minute updates, you will receive 75 Text's. At 15 minute intervals, you will receive about 37 Text's.

Ordering Instructions

  • Fill in the order form below, for each phone you want service on.
  • Check the Terms & Conditions Box, and then Click the Send Button.
  • This must be done for each phone you want service on.
  • Include the name on the credit card you'll be using so we can reference your payment.
  • When you are finished adding phones, go to the Payment Secton to finish your order.
  • Select how many phones you want service to, then select the Race Event, and then click on the Add to Cart Button. Follow the instructions in PayPal to complete the payment Process.
  • You can pay with any debit or credit card or PayPal account if you have one.
  • For last minute orders on the day of the race, or the day before, You Must Call Aaron at 714-610-8150 to sign up.

Order Form Information

Your Name:
Phone #-Contact:
Phone #-Text:
Phone Type / Model:
Mobile Service Provider:
Race Event:
Driver of Record:
Race #:
Update Rate:
Your Email:
Name on Credit Card:
I Agree With All IRC & TekNet Terms and Conditions

Payment Options

Race Event





Mile-Trak Service - Pricing:

1 Phone - - $150
2 Phones - $250
3 Phones - $375
4 Phones - $500
5 Phones - $625
6 Phones - $750
7 Phones - $850
8 Phones - $950
9 Phones - $1050
10 Phones - $1150

Mile-Trak is:
  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Convenient 
  • Inexpensive 
  • The Best Mobile Tracking Solution Yet

Try it on Your SmartPhone Now !!!
(No Hyphens or Spaces)

Your Name:
Mobile Number:
Service Provider:


    For More Information Please Call

    Aaron at TekNet @ 714-610-8150

    To Order Your MILE-TRAK 
    Use the Menu Below

    There are Two Ways to Order:

    (1) Use the Handy Online Order Form to the Left and Below, or

    (2) Download the the PDF Order Form Below.   Fill it out and Fax it back to us.

To Order The Mile-Trak Service by FAX
Click the Link Below
Mile-Trak Order form (PDF)
Print Out the PDF Form
Fill it Out
Fax it Back to 714-730-8902
Also Available in PDF is:
The Mile-Trak Information Letter

Mile-Trak Information Letter (PDF)

MILE-TRAK Event Service - $150.00$150.00