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Purchasing - The Real Time Satellite Tracking System recommended for Cars, Trucks, Air & Sea Vehicles

IrcTrack Sales Information

After many long years of requests for purchasing our Tracking Units, IRC has decided to allow our Trackers to be sold to Race Teams and other Off Road Enthusiasts. The highly discounted price will be $1000.



With the purchase of our equipment, a few things will be different. With ownership, the owner will have much more control over the equipment and how it is used and there will be new features added to the service of ownership.


To purchase an IrcTrack, you must first call Aaron at 714-610-8150 to answer any questions, and to set the process in motion. Once a decision is made to buy, these are the following steps:

  • Processing the payment will be done through Satmodo, our satellite service provider.
  • Since the IrcTrack is a Satellite Phone, an account must be set up with Satmodo.
  • They will be able to answer all your questions as well as set up your account.
  • Just like a cell phone, the Voice will run you about $50 a month, and Data is about $15 a month.
  • These are good estimates for the low end, but Satmodo will fit any need you might have.
  • After a plan is set up and payment made. I will be notified to ship you your IrcTrack.


Satmodo’s phone number is: 800-279-2366.
Their Team is Mike, Scott & Anthony.


Teknet (Aaron’s company) has been subcontracted to do all the tracking and technical computer stuff for IRC for the last 10 years. So Teknet will continue with the tracking services in the future for all IRC Tracking Units that have been purchased. The services that Teknet provides are the following:

  • Satellite GPS Tracking through Google Earth - High Resolution & Bandwidth.
  • Satellite GPS Tracking through Flash - Medium Resolution & Low Bandwidth.
  • Mile-Trak Texting Service through Cell Phones & Satellite Phones - Low Bandwidth.
  • Data acquisition and analysis.

A special note here: Google Tracking Services will always be on so you can track anytime. Also the Flash Tracking Services are done only for each race event. The low bandwidth requirement allows for tracking with marginal internet access such as wireless.

Teknet Pricing

  • Tracking Services Monthly = $75, Six Months = $60, Yearly = $50.
  • Mile-Trak Texting Service = $150 per phone per vehicle. 1 phone only.
  • Mile-Trak Texting Service = $125 per phone per vehicle. 2 or more phones.
  • If Both services are used then the pricing is discounted.
  • Data acquisition and analysis pricing is done on a single job basis.

More Information

For More Information & to Answer Any Questions,
Please Call Aaron at: 714-610-8150