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The Advanced Asset Tracking & Management Solution

Over the course of the last few years, the availability of high tech electronic equipment has not only become prevalent but also it has come into use in all areas of the business community. The days of not immediately knowing what is going on in one’s Company have long since passed. Numerous attempts to use the technology available in this day and age, have been made in an effort to "help" management keep an eye on the where-a-bouts and movements all the cars, trucks, airborne vehicles and boats involved in a single large business, but short of having an army at one’s disposal this has been impossible, until now....

Here at IRC, we feel that the quick access of accurate information is one of the most important issues facing a business in an ever increasingly competitive world and that all available steps should be taken, to ensure that you have the fastest access to the information you require in order to make the decisions you need to take to be one step ahead of all your competitors.

IRC (International Racing Consultants) has two unique and revolutionary devices that allow you and your business to utilize advanced satellite communications to track and manage all of your moving assets far beyond what has ever been imagined.


Real Time Satellite Commercial Vehicle Tracking system

The IriTrack® is a communication system combining several data and voice technologies in a single unit that utilizes satellite equipment to transfer information from the vehicle to the Management Control. Inside the instrument is a GPS module, an Inclinometer, a G-Force Meter, an Iridium Satellite Voice/Data Modem and a microcomputer.

The IriTrack® System continuously monitors the vehicle location and speed automatically, furthermore it will send an alert to Management Control if the vehicle stops, takes a big hit, experiences an inclination or transgresses a pre-programmed course corridor.

Additionally the onboard computer creates a library and records information according to the customers requirements. It can send via the Iridium Satellite Data Modem, data regarding the position and speed to the Control Center. Nothing is required to make it happen. Just connecting it to the vehicle battery allows IriTrack® to do all that is required. If a vehicle battery is not available then the IriTrack® Unit can be fitted with it’s own battery power supply.

The IriTrack® System allows the driver/passenger of the vehicle to also manually alert Management Control - pushing the Red Button notifies Management Control that Emergency Assistance is required immediately.

A special feature of the IriTrack® System is the ability to use the modem for voice communication between the driver/passenger of the vehicle and the IRC Control Center via a built in microphone and speaker. Push the Blue Button to start a phone call to the Management Control, or alternatively receive a phone call from the Management Control Center without having to press a button. When you hear Management Control speaking to you, just answer and the microphone will pick up your voice.


The E-Track® is a communication system working in the same manner as the IriTrack® with one exception - the E-Track® has no voice communication and thus is a smaller more compact unit. Like the IriTrack® it too can work from either the vehicle power supply or its own dedicated battery power supply.


The IriTrack® and E-Track® systems utilize a powerful dedicated software suite including the IriViewer and IriAlert programs which allow the information gathered from operational units to be displayed within a user friendly interface screen.

IRC can offer connectivity solutions for voice, data and internet from virtually anywhere in the world that your business requires.


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