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IRC (International Racing Consultants) is a specialist in advanced satellite communications in land, air and sea sports as well as well as commercial and personal logistics with many years of experience.

IRC is uniquely placed in the world to assist both the commercial and racing community whether it is on land, in the water or in the air. We are able, through the founder’s years of experience in business, boating and motorcar racing, to assist other interested parties with their companies or sporting careers.

IRC offers unique and revolutionary products that allow you and your business or race team to utilize advanced satellite communications for both Tracking and Management far beyond what has ever been imagined.

Over the course of the last few years, the availability of high tech electronic equipment has not only become prevalent but has also appeared in use in all areas of the business and sporting communities. The days of not immediately knowing what is going on have long since passed.

Where racing based sports are concerned, numerous unsuccessful attempts to use the technology available in this day and age, have been made in an effort to "help" prevent speeding on the highways, short coursing, and cheating in general thus making the sport fairer for all involved, but short of having a course marshal in each car this has been impossible.

And in business too, attempts have been made to "assist" management keep an eye on the where-a-bouts and movements all the cars, trucks, airborne vehicles and boats that may be owned by a single large company, but short of having an army at one’s disposal this too has been impossible, until now....

Our products allow quick access of accurate information and in racing, that all available steps can be taken, to ensure the safety and security of all participating competitors.

The IRC strategy

  • Increase the safety factor.
  • Improve sportsmanship and competitiveness.
  • Promote racing vehicle based sports in the United States.
  • Increase public and sponsor involvement.
  • Assist racers by creating an affordable avenue to world wide racing events.

Racing Consultancy

Assistance and advice

All key personnel within the organization are required to hold and maintain in good standing FIA and SCCA licenses.

In today’s market, the ability to respond quickly to your clients needs is paramount to the long-term profitability of your operation. In recognition of this, IRC has assembled a worldwide team whose cumulative knowledge covers almost every technical field and who can be assigned to solve problems with minimum delay and difficulty.

We bring over 45 years, of combined experience, to the world of on and off-road racing. Our experts are fluent in many areas, including:

  • Rules and their interpretation
  • Homologation Requirements
  • Race Vehicle design and construction
  • Sale and Rental of race vehicles to an international clientele
  • Full race support & Crew staffing
  • Logistical support, before, during & after any event world wide
  • Event Organization and support

We will be happy to assist you in your racing endeavors no matter how large or small.


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